Coaching Certification

Coaching is different than training, counseling, or mentoring. Coaching very specifically involves one person intentionally helping another person chart a course toward their preferred future.  Serving as coach is a privilege that requires a critical mix of skills, experience, and self-awareness to serve as a guide for another person. NAYMC’s Coaching Certification Program offers a 4-month process that will prepare you to serve as an effective coach, specifically for other youth workers. This program will challenge, equip, and prepare you for what’s next.

Our program centers around a three-day intensive group training seminar. In advance, qualified participants will prep with some assigned reading and a series of assessments. The three-day in-person training will guide you through a process of developing your specific set of coaching skills and techniques. And the final three months will include a series of follow up calls and supervised coaching work that will help you implement your personal coaching skill set into your ministry, and provide support as you explore what coaching might mean for your ministry and vocation.