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Our next in-person training will be in Spring 2025; but in October of this year we'll be offering a fully-online version of this training. Contact us for more info.

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There’s a lot of people offering youth ministry services. But how do you know they’ve been trained or vetted? How do you know they are truly going to help you? That’s why we exist. We exist to set the standard. 

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The National Association of Youth Ministry Certification exists to train and equip Christian youth workers in a variety of capacities. Our initial offering is certification as a youth ministry coach. In partnership with The Youth Cartel, the NAYMC is providing training and certification for all the 1-on-1 coaches utilized by The Youth Cartel in their Youth Ministry Coaching Program, as well as 1-on-1 coaching contracts. But NAYMC certification will no longer be limited to those contexts. This program is ideal for at least three kinds of youth ministry leaders:

* Individual youth workers with a desire to increase their capacity for coaching other youth workers, either voluntarily, or as a side business.
* The youth ministry point-person who oversee other paid staff and want to increase their effectiveness in helping their team grow.
* Denominational and organizational leaders involved in coaching, mentoring and developing youth workers.


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